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Undermount Sinks in St Paul MN
Undermount sinks are a great option for your bathroom. They’re sleek and modern, which makes them the perfect choice for anyone who wants to keep their home looking up-to-date. But what exactly is an under-mounted sink? And how does it differ from an overmount sink? We have answers to all of these questions right here! Undermount Sinks in St Paul MN

What is an Undermount Sink?

An under-mount sink is a type of sink that sits below the countertop, with no overhang. This allows you to set things on your counter without them falling into the sink. The backsplash forms a barrier between the edge of the countertop and the surface of the sink, helping prevent water damage from liquid spills or condensation buildup.

Undermount sinks can be installed in both granite and solid surface materials such as quartz, engineered stone, and marble tiles. They’re also popular choices among homeowners looking for an easy-to-clean surface when paired with stainless steel faucets.

What is an Overmounted Sink?

An under-mount sink has a front lip that extends out from the countertop. This means you can install it yourself, without hiring a professional to do it for you.

Overmounted sinks are installed by mounting them directly onto your countertop and then covering them with granite or marble slabs. To get an over-mounted sink looking great, you’ll need special tools and skills to cut the stones correctly so they fit perfectly around the faucet holes in your sink basin. If this sounds like too much work for you (or if you don’t have access to those tools), then we recommend using an undermount model instead!

Benefits of an Undermount Sink

An under-mount sink’s overhang is the distance from the edge of your countertop to the bottom of your sink, and it determines how much room you have to work with. The overhang can be used for decoration or cleaning purposes–it prevents items from falling into your sink while you’re working on them, but it also allows you to set items on top without fear of them falling in. For example, if you’re washing dishes in an undermount model and have some water left behind after rinsing off all food particles, an overhang will catch this excess liquid before it drips onto clean surfaces below.

An undercount’s size also affects its appearance; because they require more material than drop-in models do (which are set directly into counters), they tend not only to look cleaner but also feel sturdier when installed properly by professionals.

Does an Undermount Sink Have a Backsplash?

An under-mount sink doesn’t have an overhang, though it does still have a backsplash. The main difference between an undermount sink and other types is in how they’re installed. Undermount sinks are generally less expensive than their counterparts because they don’t require as much labor to install or repair, but this also means that you will likely need a professional to install one for you if you aren’t comfortable doing so yourself.

The most obvious benefit of choosing an undermount model is its sleek appearance–it’s easier on the eyes than other styles and will look great with any decorating theme (especially modern designs). You can also expect fewer splashes when washing dishes or cleaning up messes in general because there’s no lip around the edge of this type; however, be aware that these types tend not to perform well when used with very hot water temperatures like those found in dishwashers or outdoor spigots during summer months due to their lack of protection against heat transfer between metal surfaces.

What Does a Backsplash Do?

The backsplash forms a barrier between the edge of the countertop and the actual surface of the sink. It keeps food from falling into the sink, which can be unsanitary and smells bad if it’s not cleaned out regularly. If you have kids or pets in your house, this is especially important!

The backsplash can be made of tile, glass, or other materials such as metal or stone. The best choice would be one that coordinates with everything else in your kitchen–whether that means choosing something simple like white ceramic tiles for an elegant look (or even just painting over existing countertops) or opting for something more intricate like marble for an eclectic style statement.

Choosing an Undermount Sink

Undermount sinks are great for small spaces and offer a simple, clean look. They’re also easier to clean because there’s no need to worry about items falling into the sink. Undermounted sinks can be installed on any countertop material, but they’re especially popular with granite or marble countertops.

The installation process involves attaching brackets that hold up your new under-mount sink at each end of your countertop (which requires drilling holes into both). You’ll want to measure carefully before making any marks on your countertop; you want everything spaced out evenly so that nothing gets too close together or too far apart from one another. This will help prevent leaks between the sink and countertop when it comes time for sealing off each side separately–something we’ll cover later on!

So, if you’re looking for a sink that will give your kitchen or bathroom a cleaner look and feel, an under-mounted sink may be the right choice for you. They don’t have any overhangs, so there won’t be any places for food particles or other debris to gather. This makes them easy to clean and maintain–and they can even help extend the life of your counters! If you’re interested in upgrading your bathroom, contact us today at Granite Expo in St Paul MN.

Undermount Sinks in St Paul MN

Undermount Sinks in St Paul MN

Undermount Sinks in St Paul MN


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