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Caring for quartzite is similar to caring for granite.


Quartzite and other natural stones are a porous material meaning that air, water, and other fluids are able to flow through. Depending on the type of quartzite it can be more or less porous. That is why the quartzite should be sealed. As well as resealed regularly depending on the type.


If a spill does occur, you want to clean up the mess right away. If the spill is left for a while then a stain will occur.

Staining can happen from acidic products.                                             
​         Ex: tomatoes, citrus fruits, juices, alcohol, vinegar, wine, coffee, oil, etc.


Since quartzite is heat resistant to some degree it is advised to use heat pads. It is advised to use cutting boards and coasters to protect your quartzite.


It is recommended to clean quartzite countertops daily. To do so it is recommended to use a soft cloth with natural stone cleaner or a specific quartzite cleaner.



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