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Countertops Minneapolis

There are a number of different materials that you can use to make your countertops. If you’re looking for something durable and easy to clean, granite is a good choice. If you want something that looks like granite but is less expensive and easier to maintain, quartz could be the right choice. Quartzite is another popular option that offers both durability and beauty at an affordable price point. It is important to do your research before countertop installation Minneapolis so you know what you should choose. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of natural stone countertops Minneapolis MN.

Granite Countertops Minneapolis

Granite is a natural material made from hardened minerals. It can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms of your home. Granite can be installed on the wall or on the floor to cover an existing countertop. Granite can also be used as a backsplash behind your stove or sink.

Granite isn’t just for kitchen counters; it’s also an option for bathroom countertops as well as vanities and other areas where water may come into contact with them regularly (like tubs). Granite countertops Minneapolis MN is a great option for your bathroom or kitchen. You can hire a professional for your granite countertop installation Minneapolis MN. If you’re looking at Minneapolis granite countertops but aren’t sure if they’re right for you (or want to know more about them), here are some other types of countertops you may consider. 

Quartz Countertops Minneapolis

Quartz countertops are a type of stone that is very durable, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean. This material also has a high heat tolerance so it can withstand daily tasks such as hot pots or pans. Quartz is available in many colors and patterns so you can easily customize your kitchen with the look you want.

Quartz comes in different colors such as white, black, gray, and brown but the most popular color for quartz seems to be white because it looks great with any color scheme. When you are looking for a way to update your home, consider hiring countertop installers Minneapolis, like Granite Expo, to help with finding the best Minneapolis quartz countertops for you. 

Marble Countertops Minneapolis

If you’re interested in marble countertops, you’re not alone. Marble is one of the most popular countertop materials for good reason: it’s beautiful and durable, making it a great choice for any kitchen or bathroom.

Marble is a natural stone created by metamorphic processes, and its colors range from white to black with many shades in between. Marble is available in all sizes and shapes, so you can find just the right marble slab for your kitchen or bathroom project! Marble is a great choice for Minneapolis countertops. You can help make your home look great with this selection of countertops Minneapolis MN.

Quartzite Countertops Minneapolis

Quartzite is a natural stone that is made of a metamorphic rock called sandstone. It’s strong, durable, and has a high resistance to heat and scratches.

Quartzite is also easy to clean but can be damaged by acidic foods and cleaners (i.e., bleach). If you have pets who shed fur or children who may scratch the countertop, quartzite might not be the best choice for you. But there are many other options for stone countertops Minneapolis so contact us today to learn more!

There are Many Options for Different Room Types

Granite, quartzite, and marble are the most popular countertop materials.

Granite: Granite is a hard stone that’s durable and easy to clean, but it will scratch more easily than quartz or quartzite.

Quartz: Quartz is the hardest countertop material available. You’ll pay more upfront, but if you want something that’s easy to clean and doesn’t scratch easily (especially if your kitchen gets a lot of use), this is your best option.

Marble: Marble is softer than granite or quartz, which means it will show scratches more easily—but since its coloring comes from tiny deposits in the stone itself rather than being painted on top of it like with granite and quartzites, there are some unique options for coloration that aren’t available with other types of countertops (such as black marbles).


We hope that this has helped you make a decision about what countertop would work best for your home. Some popular types of materials for countertops Minneapolis are Minneapolis granite, Minneapolis quartz, marble, and quartzite. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the options out there—if you keep in mind what type of room you’re working with and how much money you want to spend, it can be much easier to narrow down your choices. Contact your local counter installer Minneapolis to help with your countertop project and for discount countertops Minneapolis. At Granite Expo, we can help you decide what countertop would best fit your space and style and help install the countertop. We are your trusted countertop installers